How to Own What You Love with a Pay Later Option in Kenya

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How to Own What You Love with a Pay Later Option in Kenya

Want that latest Samsung Galaxy A51, an Oppo Reno or the latest Tecno Camon and your budget and income simply won’t allow you to acquire them in one go? Or perhaps you are moving and you want to fill your home with the latest appliances and gadgets including smart TVs, HiFis, home theatres, a powerful washing machine and perhaps with some elegant furniture. Starting out is hard enough. It gets even more strenuous when you have to fill empty spaces and buy personal items and conveniences essential for a modern lifestyle.

There are several ways to go about acquiring things. If you have a fat wallet, you could simply devote a substantial part of your monthly income to furnishing your home and acquiring the latest products to your heart’s content. With more and more Kenyans working from home in the COVID-19 era, acquiring the latest, top of the range gadgets is now more than just a luxury. It is essential to your productivity and a healthy at-home lifestyle.

Most Kenyans workers and hustlers barely make a gross income Ksh.50,000 per month before taxes. A good quality phone such as Tecno Camon 16 Premier goes for at least Ksh.28,000. A OnePlus Nord N10 with similar specs will set you back Ksh.30,000. Or, if you want the latest sensation such as the Samsung Galaxy A51 or A52, you will have to fork out upwards of Ksh.30,000. 

It gets dicey when you want to equip yours or your bae’s apartment with the latest electronic gadgets and appliances. The cheapest washing machine will probably set you back Ksh.35,000 and a good 43” smart TV will cost you Ksh.35,000 at the minimum. 

Bottomline? Acquiring personal items and furnishing your house with the finest quality items is often a difficult prospect for a Kenyan of middle-class income. If you go about it the disciplined and restrained route, it’d probably take you anywhere from 1 to 3 years to acquire all the personal items that you need and that can be a major disruption to your lifestyle. 

Why Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) is Becoming Popular in Kenya 

Many Kenyans looking slot server luar for instant gratification or who simply don’t want to wait too long to acquire personal essentials are now opting for shop now pay later options such as the Lipa Later app.

This shop now pay later option enables you to acquire prized items without breaking a sweat by staggering the payments over several months without grappling with the exorbitant interest rates or high deposits normally associated with the traditional hire purchase options in Kenya.

This is a convenient service that allows you to acquire the coolest items even if you are not  wealthy. Pay later options in Kenya aren’t just used by people on tight budgets. Even upper middle-class Kenyans opt for services such as Lipa Later to balance their budgets and make their acquisitions more manageable over the long haul.

The buy now pay later options are now so popular that many of the leading retailers have begun embracing them enthusiastically. You can walk into any of our Retail Partner stores including Carrefour, Anisuma, or even shop online on Sky Garden and buy an item of your choice, and lipa pole pole at a pace you can handle comfortably. 

The traditional hire purchase model in Kenya has always been geared at the high-priced and high-value items. The Buy Now Pay Later business model is now enabling Kenyans to even acquire items costing as little as Ksh.5,000 and pay in regular but manageable instalments over a set period.

How Buy Now Pay Later Works in Kenya

A Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) service such as Lipa Later works like a personal loan and allows you to spread your payments over several months for an item(s) that you are acquiring instantly. The cost is spread into several equal instalments which makes the cost acquisition more manageable when you are on a tight budget. Unlike the exorbitant hire purchase options, Lipa Later, for instance, charges an ultra-low interest rate of just 4.2%, giving customers an unbeatable value when acquiring prized items and satisfying their shopping bug.

The BNPL service such as Lipa Later liaises with hundreds of retailers selling everything from mobile phones to household electronic goods, appliances, carpets, clothes and more, allowing you to take advantage of the staggered payment format in one platform for most of your shopping needs. You can even shop at Carrefour and use Lipa Later via Lipa Vismart, to spread your payments over 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.

When you sign up for the Lipa Later shop now,pay later service, you will be given a virtual credit limit for the amount you  qualify for. You can use this credit limit to purchase items that are on the Lipa Later Online Shop in instalments, with also an option in paying using cash or MPESA payments. You can also walk into any of our Retail Partner stores and check out using Lipa Later. 

You can sign up for the service via the Lipa Later website or soon, via the mobile app. During sign up, you will be asked to input your KYC including name, ID, employment status, as well and income and expenses information. 


Once you sign up, you automatically create an account and you will receive your credit limit according to how much you qualify for. You can now shop till you drop and  begin making repayments a month after you have received the item.

Lipa Later is undoubtedly the best BNPL service in Kenya thanks to its tie-ups with hundreds of merchants in the country, allowing you to purchase almost everything that you might need. This gives you a good deal of flexibility and convenience when shopping as you can find almost everything that you need under one roof.

Why Buy Now Pay Later Arrangements are Advantageous for Kenyan Buyers

  • You spread out your payments: By spreading out your payments over several months, you can buy seemingly expensive and unattainable items without feeling the pinch. This is more palatable at a time when many in the country are feeling the pinch from the COVID 19-related economic woes. Whether you are looking for the latest smartphone, washing machine, laptop, smart TV, sofa or carpet, you can have it all at your fingertips. Now you don’t have to strain yourself saving for months or years for the lump sum just to buy your favourite smartphone, camera or laptop in Kenya.
  • No more hard credit pulls: Unlike the conventional credit cards issued by Kenyan banks, a BNPL virtual credit such as Lipa Later is very easy to qualify for if you have a steady monthly income, and good record on CRB.
  • Easy-peasy: You can sign up in a matter of minutes, instantly get approved, and in a matter of hours be on your way to fulfilling your instant gratifications. The terms of credit are very easy and straightforward and you can manage everything from the Lipa Later web or mobile app.
  • Good for cash flow management: Staggering payments for expensive items is good for your cash flow. You can acquire seemingly expensive stuff and it will still fit your budget.


Lipa Later: 

We are a Buy Now Pay Later service and point of sale credit option that have partnered with more than 500 top retailers in Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda.We enable customers to buy items and pay for them in monthly instalments by offering  a credit limit to shop, take home their item, and  pay later in 3, 6, 9 or 12 months with 4.2% interest rate. We are currently the most popular provider of BNPL instalment payment plans in East Africa.


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