Lipa Later Culture Code: Our Values, Our Culture, and Our Beliefs

This a reference and a guide to what is important to us, what we stand for and what we hope to work towards.

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“ When we started Lipa Later, ‘values’ only meant some fancy words we would put on our pitch decks or on our website. The word ‘Culture’ meant nothing more than a cool word thrown around in my favorite podcasts. A lot has changed since then. 

A couple of bad hires, inefficiencies and missed milestones later, it became apparent that we needed to really buckle down and identify what we believe in as a company and what we strive towards. It became apparent that not being deliberate with ‘how we work’ and ‘how we hope to work’ would continuously push our team in the opposite direction of our goal as an organization. The Lipa Later culture code is our implied social order; it drives our attitude towards work, our behaviour towards each other and our commitment to our partners and customers. 

Our Culture Code is still (and will forever be) a work in progress. It’s our hope that by sharing our idea of ‘how we work’ and what we believe in will encourage other entrepreneurs to define their culture much sooner than we did. We hope that it will encourage employees to be more deliberate with the companies they choose to work with and we hope it will reaffirm our commitment to our partners and our customers. “



Check out our Culture Code below:

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