Reasons Why You Should Insure Your Electronic Devices

One of the biggest worries our customers have is losing their brand new phones, accidentally breaking their laptop screens, damaging their home theaters etc. We now have a solution for you!

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Does this sound like you?

  • You have a history of lost, stolen or broken electronics
  • You have expensive electronics
  • You couldn’t afford to replace your electronics and you wouldn’t want to downgrade
  • You rely on your electronics e.g. a smartphone, and would need an instant replacement if it was lost, stolen or damaged 

We got you covered!

Lipa Later Insurance is your one-stop against theft, loss, damage, burglary, and fire. 

Accidents and incidents do happen and we can never be too prepared for them. At Lipa Later, we offer annual insurance for your electronics and home appliances with only a 10% premium payable.

Here’s a list of what’s covered:

Want to insure with us?

  1. Fill in our application form
  2. Pay the premium to:

                       Lipa Later Paybill- Business no. 174199
                       Account no.- INSURANCE      

3. Upon receipt of payment, you’ll receive an e-receipt to your email for confirmation within 48 hours

(No waiting period, the insurance cover is immediate upon receipt of payment)


In the unfortunate event that you lose or damage your device, the claiming process is quick, easy, and not as daunting. Simply visit

When making claims, an excess of 10% for each and every theft or damage, with a minimum amount of KES. 5,000, is paid prior to repair/replacement.

This insurance cover is subject to:
• Pairs and sets Watchman warranty
• Riots and Strikes
• Political Risks and Terrorism Exclusion
• Hazardous Goods warranty
• Safe and Books clause
What’s not covered:
• Loss/damage or deterioration arising from wear and tear.
• Loss/ damage due to theft or attempted theft by any relative or employee of the owner.
• Loss/ damage occasioned through the wilful act of the owner.
• Unexplained loss.
• Loss/ damage that is recoverable from any other insurance.
• Loss/ damage as a result of war, radiation, terrorism, or political violence.

At the end of the day, peace of mind is all that matters.

Insure your valuable electronics with Lipa Later…. and relax 🙂

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